MacOS workstations monitoring


are there any good advices how to install agent on macos?

IIRC the icinga agent is MacOS compatible, so you can install the agent on the Mac and use the configuration wizard to define it as an agent.

I have never done this, but it would be the way i’d go about it.
Another way - less recommended is to install (may need compiling ) the nrpe + nagios plugins and use that to monitoring, but it is a far worse alternative IMHO.

As far as I know one of the core developers is using MacOS for build-tests. Maybe he can shed some light. (He’s unavailable right now but will return soon).

BTW: MacOS is not officially supported and you should keep in mind that Icinga was made for monitoring systems that are up all the time which workstations often aren’t. So you might need to take some extra steps for this to work smoothly.

You can always use check_by_ssh if you have the plugins available.

You are right, some of us core devs are building Icinga natively on macOS. Though, there’s no official support nor a homebrew formula for it. Mainly for the same reasons as with Windows satellites/masters - lacking time and debugging/troubleshooting with users.

The development docs recently got an update on how to build Icinga on macOS. Still, it involves a lot of dependency management with Homebrew and self-compiling the binaries. I’ve changed some of these hints already within my dotfiles repository when installing a new Macbook Pro with Mojave.

I would instead open up SSH on such boxes, and monitor things using this transport. Speaking for workstations, certain countries and privacy laws may prohibit “localhost” monitoring anyways, so use this with care.


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