MacOS Agent

I know this has been brought up before, but I want to revisit this topic and see if there is interest among Icinga developers and users for a macOS agent. There are blog articles and even a tutorial for setting up Icinga2 on macOS, but there is still no official support. That makes it difficult to deploy Icinga2 on macOS.

Here is our story. We monitor a little over 1,000 hosts, and we have about 75 macOS devices in that list. Most of the macOS devices are MacBooks that travel, so it’s not possible to monitor via SSH or other methods where checks must be initiated from another device on the same network. If we could run an agent on the macOS device, it could report results across the Internet to an Icinga server, and we would be able to track all of the information we need.

Is there any interest in getting an officially-supported agent for macOS? We’ve tinkered with building an agent on macOS and have gotten it to work, but our team members are not developers. They want an install process that is simple, stable, and supported.

This is what an officially-supported agent would look like in my opinion.

  • Support for Intel and ARM processors
  • Signed and notarized by Apple
  • Installer should be able to run silently to allow automated installation

Our team would be an active participant in testing the agent software, and would even consider providing some financial support to get it done.

Let me know what you all think. Thanks!


That’s absolutely not on our agenda. We target only server installations.