Losing connection to Master occasionally


I’ve browsed through related topics, but none seem to pinpoint a solution to my issue.

I’m encountering recurring log entries across multiple hosts that read:

warning/JsonRpcConnection: API client disconnected for identity 'servername'
warning/ApiListener: Removing API client for endpoint 'servername'. 0 API clients left.

While checks mostly operate as expected, sporadic connection losses do occur. I’m unsure of the underlying cause and would greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions. Please let me know if additional configuration details are needed.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

can anyone help here?

Hello Pascal!

I guess something is just reloading/restarting.

Nothing to worry about as long as the nodes re-connect.


Hi thanks for your answer.
I am not sure if its all fine.
There are a lot of entries in the eventlog.
And it also shows as Remote Host is not connected from time to time.


do you use icinga director?
I once read that the windows agent cannot reload like a linux agent and restarts the service which causes a reconnect.

everytime you do a config deploy in aicinga director your windows agent will restart to reaload the config.
these warnings could be assing rules which do not match which would be ok.

can you correlate the eventlog entries to director deployment logs?

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you are right. The errors correlate to rollouts on icinga Director.
Thank you very much !

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