Looking for speakers at Icinga Camp Berlin!

We still have two speaker slots to fill for Icinga Camp Berlin - May 17, 2023!

Interested in sharing your ideas or work about and around Icinga with like-minded monitoring conference attendees? Then turn in your proposal(s)!

You can choose between a talk length of 30 minutes or 45. And it’s also more than welcome to submit several papers, if you have a lot to say. Share your ideas and the work you’re doing with like-minded people!

And don’t be afraid, if you’re a newbie: we welcome first-time speakers with open arms and help out with any question you might have. Just get in contact with us.

So, who’s in? Icinga » Icinga Camp Berlin 2023

Our Early Bird tickets are still available for another week as well, if you would rather listen to others do the talking :slight_smile: