Location of host templates in icinga2 mysql db

I have been looking for the host templates or import relations to the hosts in the icinga2 DB and I can’t seem to find them. I found them in the director DB, but my hosts are not in the director DB. When I use the rest API I am able to receive the templates in the output. Just wondering what table those live in.

Also, I see that the icinga_host_template_choice is where my templates are in the director’s DB, but there is nothing in the icinga2 DB. Just trying to be able to write a query to pull template information with current host information from mysql.

Afaik templates are not stored in the icinga ido database.

In the icinga1 docs you can find a detailed description of the database model:


You’re right, @log1c .

@jdavid What sort of template are you referring to? The templates of the Icinga DSL or the templates within director?