Load issue in icinga2 infrastructure

I have spent over three months working on my existing Icinga2 setup, and I’ve been managing everything without using the Director. I’ve achieved this by using the SSH method, which gives me full control. Currently, I have over 60 hosts and more than 400 services being monitored through Icinga2 using the SSH method.

However, for the past week, I’ve been experiencing a significant increase in load on my Icinga2 server. This issue is particularly troublesome because it sometimes causes my servers to become unresponsive. Strangely, this load spike only occurs between 6 PM and 8 PM. I should note that nobody outside of my office has access to the Icinga server and only i have the server access.

I’ve thoroughly checked my configurations, and everything appears to be in order from my end. Despite my efforts, I cannot pinpoint the exact cause of this issue. Additionally, when attempting to set up a new Icinga2 instance, I encountered multiple bugs. I attempted the installation more than nine times yesterday, and each time, the setup process was plagued with issues. All the setups were buggy; is there some issue with the icinga2 official repo?

Looking for some help from the community.

Good thing to start:
What are the server specs? OS?, MEM, CPU
400 Services but what is the check_interval?
The “SSH method” should be the way to monitor if an agent setup is not possible.
You will spawn an ssh connection for every check, that could cause load on master server too.

“I encountered multiple bugs.” - did you report any bugs?
“All the setups were buggy” - for which OS?