Load balancing method for Icinga API

Hi Community,

Does anyone know which one is the best load-balancing method for two identical icinga-master nodes in HA?

not sure if all API requests should be forwarded to a single master, or if it is ok to have a round robin distribution (or a least loaded, shall the balancer permit).

Master actively connect to satellites, so only connections from ApiUser accounts are expected for passive checks, icinga-web interaction, and Integrations with other monitoring systems.

Thanks in advance


we don’t do load balacing with the api, but we are configured a failover with a VIP address and keepalived.

Thanks @stevie-sy , I will forward all api requests to one of the masters, yet it would be nice to know if a round robin algorithm would work equally well .

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you’re welcome. I don’t know if keepalived is able to do this. My knowledge is enough first that the failover works. I haven’t dealt with anything else yet. Others from the community may be able to provide better information