Load All graphs

  • Director version : 1.9.1
  • Icinga Web 2 version and modules : 2.11.1
  • Icinga 2 version : 2.13-5.1
  • Operating System and version: linux redhat 7.6
  • Webserver, PHP versions: 7.3
  • Icingadb : 1.0.1

With “Overview/Hosts” when I click of the link “Load all NumberGrap graphs” I see all the graphs corresponding to the service viewed. The link is : https://Icinga2Master/graphite/list/services?host=HostName.Domaine.com&service=Disk%20Space&graphs_limit=-1

But, with icingadb/Hosts, I see all existing graphs. The link is : https://icinga2Master/graphite/services?service.name=Disk%20Space&host.name=HostName.Domaine.com&graphs_limit=-1


With some pictures :

With Overview :

I want to see the others 24 graphs. It’s working.
The link is : https://IcingaMaster/graphite/list/services?host=HostName.Domaine.com&service=Disk%20Used&graphs_limit=-1

But if I use icingadb, I also the posibilities to see the other 24 graphs.

But the result isn’t the same. I see all the graphs present on the server, on the picture, other server and other service. More than 55 pages and not the remaining disks. The link is : https://IcingaMaster/graphite/services?service.name=Disk%20Space&host.name=HostName.Domaine.com&graphs_limit=-1