Livestatus marked as deprecated


I just read on the official documentation that the livestatus feature is deprecated. We use this feature a lot in our processes to report our status using the process service checkcommand command. We prefer the livestatus interface over the API as it is more lightweight. For us it is one of the most used features and by dropping the functionality of the livestatus interface it would have a big impact on processes which would have to be updated/changed that they use the api to report passive check results. That means we would have to change a lot o Software, change the local icinga configuration in order to support passive check results over the api and we would have to deploy the software update on thousands of hosts.

I therefore would like to make a statement here and plead that this feature should stay in icinga2 and gets not removed from icinga2 in future releases.

Hello @Holundermann!

I have no problem with not actually removing Livestatus as long as it’s easier for us than removing it.


Can u remove the deprecation warning then if it is not planned to be removed in later releases?

The deprecation warning is to discourage its use moving forward.

Whether or not there is a specific plan to remove it in a particular future release, it’s older and very much on the chopping block if it ever gets in the way of future progress. Removing the warning would just result in more people using it and when it eventually needs to go away causing more people to be in a similar situation as you are finding yourself in.

It’s best to plan accordingly now and let that warning be a reminder that it is on borrowed time.


We are using thruk to give the remote customer access to the local satellite.
I think the only way to that now is via livestatus?

Is there a way to have some sort of webinterface on the satellites?
We were unable to use icingaweb as we are using a central configuration, which is pushed to the satellites. The satellites are not able to connect back to the master.