Link in variables config


is there any mean to set an html link in a variable on config?

For example on my object:

object Host "blabla" {
	import "service1"
	import "ping"

	address = "XX.XX.XX.XX"
	vars["server_name"] = "HERE I WANT TO SET A LINK"

I tried many thing to do that but with no success.
(On notes_url on services, no problem with link but there on object config for vars[“server_name”] , link is visible like https://thisismylink… but is not interpreted.)

Thanks for any help

What are you actually trying to achieve here?

What is the purpose for this variable being a URL, and how/where do you want
it to be displayed?

What do you mean by “is not interpreted”?



In fact I generate this variable when I add my servers on monitoring.

I just want to display this information for each server and I want this information displayed on icingaweb when I’m on my host. (this url is a link to an external inventory so just something helpful)

When I say “not interpreted”, i want to say url is displayed but not clickable (html link seems not to be interepreted here)

Thanks for help

I have no idea whether this might work, but have you tried entering it in full
HTML format, so instead of:


<a href=>My Machine Name</a>

The other thing I would try is setting the host’s display_name to see whether
that gets shown the way you want.


Yes I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work.
Result in this case is:

server_name 	<a href=>My Machine Name</a>

Otherwise if I set this URL on notes_url it works (legit). So I think I will use this method.

Thanks for help


we are using the notes_url field of host and service objects for that:

notes_url = “https://SERVER/

you can substitute values in the url using the host or service template:

template Service “notes_url” {
notes_url = “http://SERVER/PATH?id=$host_display_name$:$display_name$

Values are shown in the web interface and are hyperlinks.

Hope this helps.