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Hello All,
i created a new custom Check and now im looking for a solution to Link my result on icingaweb. If you push the Link i want to open up a Windows App.

Anyone any idea how i can Link a result like that?

Kind regards

I read that you can put a litte bit of html into a check output, try to add a a tag with href to the output.

<a href="https://www.example.test">test</a>

depending on your application and browser there is a chance that it works.
here is some help on how to create application urls:

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Okay but Its a Powershell Check does it works aswell?

Why not, it’s just html in the check output, there is no reason that you can’t create a HTML anchors string with Powershell. I’m more worried that Icingaweb2 will not like the link and filter it out.

<a href="my_app:do/some/thing?param1=1&param2=2">click me</a>

We use this technique a lot to jump from web or native applications to web or native applications but preserve case and/or customer context.

ah okay i can use the action_url on director. But actually i dont know how i get the checkressult to my link

no, the output of your check should include an a tag, it should be part of the check
something like :

Your powershell code using icinga powershell framework…

Write-IcingaPluginOutput "<a href="https://www.example.test">test</a>"
return (New-IcingaCheckresult -Check $CheckPackage -NoPerfData $NoPerfData -Compile);

Your Pythoncode…

print("<a href="https://www.example.test">test</a>")

if i use
Write-IcingaPluginOutput "<a href=""> Server 1</a>"

i got some Problems:

ignores my var. and split the link

'<a href="$var"> Server 1</a>'
set the alias on icingaweb but link is not clickable

"<a href='$var'> Server 1</a>"
set the alias on icingaweb but link is not clickable

please provide a screenshots of the output in icingaweb2 and of the output using chrome’s inspect feature

2023-03-15 14_43_58-Window

powershell request looks good

2023-03-15 14_14_17-Window

but icingaweb blocked it

i dont know if this is a correct way to start a program many answers on google for this

ok now just do a write-host, instead of Write-IcingaPluginOutput
write-host "<a href=""> Server 1</a>"

Try it with a weburl first, than you can continue solving other problems…

With normal Weblink is working right now but to start a program still the same

great to know, but linking to programs is more a windows/browser problem than a icinga one