Limit alerts to certain hours, but always send recovery notifications

Hi there,

We’ve got Icinga routing alerts to Opsgenie and our ticketing platform, and we have limited our alerts pause between 11PM-6AM.

However, we realised that this also limits recovery notifications, so alerts/tickets that were opened before 11PM, but close before 6AM are still left open in Opsgenie.

We tried to create an additional notification that would send Recovery type notifications 24/7, however I’ve realised that the Notifications documentation states:

Only users who have been notified of a problem before (Warning, Critical, Unknown states for services, Down for hosts) will receive Recovery notifications.

Does this mean that to receive the Recovery notification, this specific notification needs to have fired previously? Or does it mean any notification must have alerted the user receiving the notification.

When the alert should fire, we see “Not sent out to any contact”.

Is this the intended behaviour?

directly under that it says:

Icinga 2 v2.10 allows you to configure a User object with Acknowledgement and/or Recovery without a Problem notification. These notifications will be sent without any problem notifications beforehand, and can be used for e.g. ticket systems.

I haven’t tried that but maybe it is something like:

types = [Problem, Acknowledgement, Recovery ] ==> Only send recovery if previous problem was sent.

types = [ Acknowledgement, Recovery ] ==> send recovery without previous problem