Learning Icinga DSL

I want to get to know more about the Icinga2 DSL, where is a good place to start for…

  1. What is is good for?
  2. Tutorials, learning resources.

Thank you, and keep safe

Hi There,

For your first question, I am probably not the right person :slight_smile:

For your second question you can find the icinga documentation here (perhaps you already seen this):

Also a new cool feature:

Getting to know the DSL in this case is mostly using it, looking at forums, getting a problem in a test setup. and just having fun destroying your prod env :slight_smile:

Its the way I learned for as much as I did.

Hi for your question 1 could look into this: Checking service clusters in Icinga 2 @mfrosch wrote a complete check with the Icinga DSL :wink: