Ldap authentication not working, no logs

Since the latest update for icingaweb2 I was able to successfully finish setup, including setting up user authentication with LDAP. I also selected a group that should have full administrator access. Problem is when trying to log in afterward, it tells me incorrect username or password, but icingaweb2 logs stay empty. This isn’t really helpful, especially given that everything prior to that, everything did verify as working. So the only thing I could imagine being the problem - as it did show the users and groups later in the dialog in the dropdowns - that it has trouble with the password. Maybe it’s sending the wrong format or whatever.

But this also means, I can’t log in right now.

  • Icinga Web 2 version: 2.12.1-1+debian12
  • Used modules and their versions (System - About): (only activated the docs module additionally)
  • Web browser used: Firefox, Chrome, Epiphany
  • Icinga 2 version used (icinga2 --version): r2.14.0-1
  • PHP version used (php --version): 8.2.7
  • Server operating system and version: Debian Testing