Later changing server IP address


I am creating a new Icinga2 instance, and it will be moved to another subnet in the somewhat near future (6 month+). Since I do not want to wait for that I am wondering if I can install Icinga in my current subnet and after moving it, simply change the IP address?
Will this have any influence on the installation? Do I have to change things, or would this screw things up? If so, is there anyting I can do atm or is there another approach for that?



depends where the IP address is used. Typical value holders are:

  • Host objects, address attribute - used for defined checks e.g. ping
  • Endpoint objects, host attribute - used for TLS connections established by Icinga itself (a possible source for errors)
  • Director API resource connection (if not used localhost, but remote)

If you keep this in mind, there shouldn’t be a problem with IP addresses. If you’re planning to change the FQDN too, this comes with more work with re-creating the certificate key pair for this instance and renaming Endpoint objects, plus Director changes. Still, a doable change.


Hello Michael,

thanks for your reply. In my case it would only be the local IP of the Icinga installation (like ens160 or eth0). The FQDN would not change, I have full controll over the firewall, so I can allow and/or block all the traffic that would pass the subnet.

Seems this would not be a big thing, right?


Not really. You can try it in a test VM e.g. Vagrant, where you use such an IP address with then changing it to a different one after setup, fixing it again. Having done and documented the procedure makes you feel confident that it will work in the future :slight_smile: