Last_Notification in Director

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I only know last_notification from the runtime macros but I do not have any idea what it could do in director notification settings?

Or other way around :smiley: - I want to suppres further notifications for time X after the first notification has been sent - any ideas? Or is it last_notification what I am looking for ? ^^

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Hi @lnxshell

Are you looking for the notification_interval?

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Hi @ritzgu,

yes and no :smiley: - we are trying to minimize email floods as much as possible - I guess I am happy with notification_interval = 0 and using downtimes. I have to admit, suppressing notifications like that is against he nature of monitoring systems :smiley:


Set the notification interval to a large no. of seconds if you do not want to have “flooding”.

The last notification time can be used to achieve exactly what you want: You specify the no. of seconds after the hard state of the failing service was achieved. We use it i.a. to switch from one notification rule (in Director) to another “escalation” one, with perhaps different addressees, which has a begin time equal to the earlier rule’s last notif. time…

(Be sure BTW not to have notif. rules overlap in terms of objects, addressees & time periods they apply to. If you do the rules may overwrite each other during deployment and only one will “win”!)

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