Knowledgebase for logevents


I started to write Logstash rules for Icinga logevents quite a long time ago. Until now they are still in a “developer” shape but I started to rewrite them so they are easier usable, readable and perform better.

What I was wondering is: I started to tag every type of logevent so we can build visualisations and dashboards in Kibana to get a better overview and more details. In fact every type of logevent should have a name. But wouldn’t it be helpful to have a common knowledgebase where the different names (or numbers or hashes…) of logevents are listed with a short explanation what they mean? Maybe even with a link to GitHub issues they might indicate?

Do you think that might be useful? If yes, please keep in mind that this is a big thing to maintain and we might really have to rely on the community to get it working and especially to keep it updated.

Normally the Icinga logs are quite self-explaining. But sometimes a specific event is a clear indication of something specific happening. This is where such a thing might come in especially handy.

  • This sounds useful
  • I can’t imagine to use such a thing
  • I want to contribute

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