Jobs are not executed in Docker setup

We’re running Icinga quite happily in a Docker setup.
Director runs in it’s own container, basically a copy of Icinga2web with a different command:
icingacli director daemon run

After creating import and sync definitions, I wanted to automate the process by creating jobs.
Even the simplest housekeeping job is in an overdue state.

Looks like the jobs don’t get scheduled. But there is no additional job control apart from that director daemon I already run.

Module version: 1.10.2

In the director service status page I see the mention of an FQDN “director” (probably the container host name). I don’t know if this is relevant for anything. The module works except for the job processing.

Any help is appreciated!

Maybe there is something wrong with the way I set up time periods…
Notifications work with the same time periods through.

Is a job supposed to be scheduled it there’s no time period configured for that job?

Feeling pretty stupid now…

There is an option in Icinga Director settings:
“Disable all jobs” which was set to yes on my system :blush: