Jira Module creates 3 Tickets instead of one

Ive got the Jira modul working now…

but ive got a problem, when a host is down (like in my test) the module creates 3 independent tickets instead of only 1.

is this a bug in the jira rest api or a bug insight the jira module from icinga ?

see screenshotjira

my enviroment:

icingaweb2: 2.7.1
php: 7.0.33-0
os: ubuntu16.04.6
director: 1.6.2
jira module (master) (git 22001dadf773a4baa299396da952053573d85d82)


honestly I don’t know about the development state of this module since it was not released yet. So it likely can be bug, don’t hesitate to create one.


ive created a bug report…
but it looks as thomas doesnt got time for troubleshooting the bug reports from the module…
last commit was in april 2019…

well see and wait.