Issue with Notification Host Mail

Cheeres All,

i got a Problem with assign Host Notification:

If i assign the host notification to any Group, for example i deploy a new host from director, the host is not showing on icingaweb2.
If i disable or remove the assign in host notification, the new host shows up…
Same issue with delete Hosts. If i delete one with active host notification, the host still on icingaweb2 but is allready deleted on director…

What do i wrong?

my apply conf.

i tried allready to setup a variable

but i cant deploy it

sorry for my bad english btw.

Used version:
Director → 1.8.1
Icingaweb2 → 2.8.2

If i disable the notify i can deploy and remove host but i guess this ist not solution either


i have to clone the notification command from external commands.

Its working right now.

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