Issue when checking the ISIS adjacency state


I have a problem with service checks ISIS state via SNMP OID: . on Juniper devices.

Because, when ISIS adjacency DOWN ⇒ service reports “Unknow”, like below:


I checked on device and relized one adjacency is gone. I think that’s reason of service “Unknow”

This is result of all ISIS adjacency UP

This is result of one ISIS adjacency DOWN:


Thank for reading!


Hi @tritamk14, Welcome to the community,

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Thank you for sharing some of the details of your problem!
Are you able to do a SNMP walk for this host from the icinga master / satelite that check?
Perhaps open up a telnet to port 161 ?

It looks like your host might be blocking this traffic at first glance!

My host isn’t blocked, cause I use to monitor for few months and all alerts are ok.

Just relized this issue yesterday.

Thank for your reply!