Is there anyone who has succeeded to monitor IS-IS?

Hi guys,
My question is clear from the title, I would like to know if anyone has found a way to do it easily.

if you are successful could you let me know how you did it? You would be very kind!!

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Someone could kindly help me?


What is IS-IS? Could you elaborate a bit?

IS-IS is a routing protocol

What would you want to measure and monitor about a routing protocol?


I would like to see if the link is UP or DOWN.

I found this plugin:

But when I try to execute it manually, it returns always Link to Router is DOWN


for what i can see in the linked script is just doing a snmp request to a device to specifed OIDs via SNMPv2. For that you can try (SNMPv2) or (SNMPv3).
If you know the correct OIDs from your device you don’t need the script. Usually you should find this in the docs of the nanufacturer. You can also try to do a snmp walk to find out the corrects OIDs. e.g with The most checks are using this library or or its commands.

For checking interfaces you can also use or But I don’t know if they support routers with the IS-IS protocol. But they using also snmp.

I have already tried to use nwc_health but it doesn’t support the routers with IS-IS protocol

Thank you, I’m not so good with perl, good to know

Maybe only the OIDs for the correct snmp request are not entered.

So check the docs of your router if they “speak” snmp. If yes, you could monitor them with this. For my modest knowledge of network technologies are protocols like IS-IS, BGP, OSPF how the devices communicate with each other and do certain things. So what I know, pls correct me if I’m wrong, normally it doesn’t matters how the communicate with each others, if you only want to check things like interfaces.