Is there a very basic Icinga Web 2 Documentation for Users, who just operate the Monitoring module?

Hi all

I’m searching for a Documentation for our operators. All docs I found are about installing and configure components around Icinga2, Icinga Web2, Modules, etc.

I’m looking for a doc about

  • How to build a dashboard for my requirements
  • How can I find something special about my hosts / services
  • How to give my Hosts/Services special states like Acknowledge, Scheduled Downtimes, etc.

A plain user interface documentation without confusing details.


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don’t know such a thing but if you are willing to contribute, I set up a documentation dummy module on github for that purpose.

Hey @heige,

There is a built-in documentation module in icingaweb2, check it out. Many basic topics are explained there.

Yes, I found it before, but it’s to much in the depth. But there is a good template : Developer - Style. But… surely someone has done this before (665.6 KB)

Here is the little manual I created a while back for someone who is not a regular icingaweb2 user.
I had it automatically translated to english so there might be some bumpy wording/sentences.
Screenshots are still in german though.

Feel free using that as a template and share your changes/imporovments :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, it is a good base.