Is it possible to update objects via a child zone?

I have a setup with a master zone and some child zones, and a large number of hosts statically defined in each child zone. I am considering how I can move to a more dynamic setup, where hosts objects are created and destroyed ‘as needed’. However, I get the following error in my debug log:

Discarding 'config update object' message for object of type 'Host'. Sender is in a child zone.

Is there a configuration that I need to set up? Or is this one of those things one shouldn’t do?


no, that’s a matter of trust in the cluster design. Only the parent (master) zone is allowed to sync configuration belonging to a child zone, not vice versa.

Read more about this here.

If you’re planning to go for a more dynamic approach, I’d suggest to you look into the cluster config sync or REST API, helped with additional tools such as the Director, Puppet/Ansible, or custom scripts.