Is it possible to extend Icinga2 (Windows) with a custom check module / check executable


we’re using Icinga2 for Windows 2.10.5 to check our Windows Environment.
As far as I understand the Icinga Service just launches the executables in the Icinga\sbin Directory, like check_uptime.exe, check_load.exe etc and returns the result (including Performance data)

Is it possible to create own check applications and integrate it with the icinga Agent?

I have a Windows based application and want to Monitor this applications state. It would be easy to create a check_my_app_health.exe which could do the checks and Returns the result to the icinga Agent…

Is there any more Information about extending the Icinga Version?


Icinga just executes plugin scripts and binaries. Some of them are added for convenience reasons to the Windows agent, similar to what the monitoring-plugins package provides for Linux/Unix.

If you want to run custom plugins on the Windows agent, you can use the language of your choice to create such. It has to follow the Plugin API specification. On Windows I hear best practice is to write Powershell scripts these days.

Start your journey here.


that was the Information I was looking for…Shame on me, it’s available in the official icinga docs…:dizzy_face:

Powershell was my first idea, but in this Situation it is easier to create a custom check application…



No worries, I’ve updated many parts in the docs for 2.11 which also includes better introduction into service monitoring. That’s why you see “snapshot” in the URL instead of “latest”. Working hard to improve the docs from community help in here :slight_smile: