Is Icinga is alright to manage Windows PC (end-user)?


I wonder if Icinga can fulfil these functions. Can you help me?
I can’t find an example of how to (un)install software or how to take the remote desktop.


  • Windows compatible
  • Remote control of a PC
  • Viewing installed software
  • Management of Windows updates
  • Security patch management
  • View main system info: disk space, RAM usage, CPU usage etc.


  • Mac compatible
  • Linux compatible
  • Transparent software installation for the user
  • Transparent software removal for the user
  • Update device and system drivers
  • Script launch
  • System terminal access

Icinga is a monitoring software and not a client management software. So you can check the state of other systems e.g. triggered an alert for missing Windows Updates, but you can not mange them via Icinga.