IP change - curl Host (controller) source API wrong IP

First time installation, clean install through the FAQ. The FAQ itself could be updated with the dependancy of database packages (i.e. mariadb-server).

The issue seems to have happened when I changed the network interface from DHCP ( to static (

Everything seems to be okay, no errors except for this:

And this happens when I click “Source” at a host:

I don’t think it’s the configuration of Director, because the Icinga host itself has the issue which was there before Director was installed. I’ve been checking the configuration files but it seems to be hardcoded nowhere. Reboots or Icinga2 restarts do not resolve the issue, different browser or clearing cache won’t help. What piece of config am I missing here?

I couldn’t find this in the documentation or here (unless my search parameters fail me).

Hii @FoUStep, you also need to update the command transport configuration of the icingadb module. You can find this by navigating to this UR /icingaweb2/icingadb/command-transport of your icingaweb2.

You hit it right on the spot! Couldn’t find this anywhere! Thanks @yhabteab ! :grin: