"Invoke-IcingaCheckService" on Windows Domain Controller: NTDS Service not found

Hello community! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m building a Service Set for Active Directory Services, using Invoke-IcingaCheckService from Icinga-For-Windows.

I’m able to check all expected AD Services on our Windows Domain Controllers – except one:
NTDS: Service not found


This service is running perfectly fine in Windows.


In a Powershell with Admin Rights, it checks out fine.


However, this look different in a non-administrative Powershell instance.


So, neither the Powershell-native Get-Service NTDS nor the Icinga check Invoke-IcingaCheckService -Service NTDS are able to find the service in a non-admin Powershell.


Do you know of a way to make Invoke-IcingaCheckService “see” this Windows Service?
(Maybe by somehow elevating its privileges?)

Thanks sincerely! :v: – Barney


Icinga for Windows v1.10.1 (agent 2.12.9, framework v1.10.1, plugins 1.10.0, service 1.2)
Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard 10.0.17763 (with role “Active Directory Domain Services”)