Invoke-IcingaCheckScheduledTask [UNKNOWN] Unknown Tasks /Task not found

Hi Guys,

I’m facing Problems with the “Invoke-IcingaCheckScheduledTask” command on my windows 10 machine.
I can’t get it to work with a specific ScheduledTask to monitor.

When I Run the command on my machine:
Invoke-IcingaCheckScheduledTask -TaskName alvinsqldbbackup

I get the Correct output.:

[OK] Scheduled Tasks
| 'alvinsqldbbackup_tasks'=4;;

If I configure the task via director the Return is:

The Service is configured via the director as folow:

## zones.d/JIWNUC01/services.conf

object Service "Invoke-IcingaCheckScheduledTask" { host_name = "[](" import "[Invoke-IcingaCheckScheduledTask](" vars.IcingaCheckScheduledTask_Array_TaskName = [ "alvinsqldbbackup" ] }


template Service "Invoke-IcingaCheckScheduledTask" {
    check_command = "Invoke-IcingaCheckScheduledTask"

Anyone able to help? :slight_smile:


we are testing this check also and facing the same issue now. But for the moment we don’t know what the cause is.

If I run this cmdlet in the PS console with my admin user everything is fine. If I start the PS console with PS Exec as Network Service the test fails. Same in icingaweb.

My first idea is a permission problem. My colleague and I are still looking and have not yet found a solution for our environment.

I still created an issue last week for this topic: Invoke-IcingaCheckScheduledTask - doesn't find specific task (permission problem) · Issue #207 · Icinga/icinga-powershell-plugins · GitHub