Installing Windows Icinga Agent failed

New year, new problems :slight_smile:
Today i tried to add the last server in a new network to my icinga monitoring, but on this machine installing the agent failed.
I tried both the powershell framework and just downloading the agent from

The server is Windows Server 2012 R2 and .NET Framework seems to be v4.8

The only hint about why the installtion failed is from windows’ event display, which tells me that the server couldnt be registered with DCOM
ID is 10010

Im not 100% sure its related though.

Sadly i couldnt find anything close to this on google or here.

Have you tried the steps from the Icinga for Windows documentation?

This is the new, recommended, way to install the Icinga agent on windows machines now.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Yeah, thats what i meant with “powershell framework”.
This way is how i normally do it now, but sadly it failed this time.
I thought at first that maybe theres an issue with icingas servers, but i installed it on a new vm in my own network without issues.

Does the installation completely fail/abort or is it going through and just the communication isn’t happening?

Is the network between the master and the agent restricted in some way?
Meaning: Can the agent and the master communicate over tcp/5665?

If there are any:
What do the logs under %ProgramData%\icinga2\var\log\icinga2 say?

The installation fails completely, so the connection probably wouldnt matter then.
There arent any logs.

Here is a screenshot of the failed icinga for windows powershell install:

And here is the failed install with the install file:


Well, that looks strange…
I have yet to use the new Icinga for Windows installation stuff, but the False kind of looks like the agent is considered to not be installed.
Is there a switch for that somewhere maybe?

Have you tried the way over the IMC? If I understand correctly you are currently using the configuration/answer file method?

Im not really sure what you mean with that.
The method i used was the IMC. If im not mistaken this installs the agent.
Thats how i normally install the agent and it has always worked until now.

There is a parameter AnswerFile mentioned here: Getting Started - Icinga for Windows

I assumed that’s what you meant by “install file” in your previous post.

Other than that I’m at a loss as well and can’t help any further.

Maybe @cstein can help, as he is the maintainer/developer of Icinga for Windows.
Not sure how active he is on here though, but you will definitely get a response in case you decide to open a github issue: Issues · Icinga/icinga-powershell-framework · GitHub

Thanks for trying to help anyway :slight_smile:
Im sorry, english isnt my first language so some things might not be as clear as they should be.
With install file i meant the installer you can download from

Im not really familiar with github, but i will try it there if noone else has any ideas in the near future.

No need to apologize :wink: !

Maybe this talk will help if you are not familiar with github :slight_smile:

the part about opening issues start at around 5min :wink:

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