Installing new check plugin for sep sesam

Hello everyone,

im trying to get this plugin to work check_sepsesam :: Icinga Exchange

After some initial confusion i got it to work in the command line on my backup host.

If i call the same command on my icinga server i get this error:

UNKNOWN: Binary not found (sm_db).
Maybe you want to source the init script (/var/opt/sesam/var/ini/sesam2000.profile)?

Obviously that path does not exist on my icinga server, but i would assume, that i can get the command to check an external sesam by providing the host (ive tried -h -H --host) but it doesnt work.

Im pretty sure noone here uses this specific plugin, but maybe someone has general help for me.
Thanks in advance

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Set the path via the env config attribute in the definition of the CheckCommand or use a little shell script as a wrapper to set up the environment and executes the real check?

Sorry, I didn’t get it on the first reading. Put the check on your sesam server and use check_by_ssh to call it would be my next try.

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Hey, thanks for the pointer.
Thats an interesting solution that i tried to get to work but ultimately it failed with the same error, eventhough im on the right machine and root can call the check, my freshly added sudo user cant.
This is probably the same issue when i try to execute the check remotely with icinga (i thought he wants to execute on the monitoring system).

So my difficulty now seems to be (without using check_by_ssh, because that has to deal with the same underlying issue) how i can either execute the sepsesam check with icinga as root or how i can create a user called nagios on the monitored system that is allowed to execute the check/script.

Does anyone have an idea or another pointer for that ?

If it works with root but not with the new user, even with elevated rights, I guess it’s something like a environment variable or a config file that root has but your new user is lacking.

Did you source the profile as described at check_sepsesam :: Icinga Exchange ?

If you use the icinga agent you could source the file in the init file of the agent but if you use check_by_ssh I would try sourcing it in a little wrapper shell script.