Installing Icinga for Windows on systems that already have Icinga installed


I have installed the Icinga agent through different ways in the past (installation package and early version of the Icinga Powershell Framework) but would now like to get them all to the same level.

Since Icinga for Windows and the Icinga Powershell Framework seem to be very mature now, I installed the framework using the new powershell script in

this worked fine (regardless of whether the machine already has an agent and/or powershell framework installed, but I seems that when doing the core installation in IMC, it will not pick up on my current agent configuration. If i then fill out the configuration, the IMC will note an error, saying that it can not overwrite my configuration files, but everything else seems to be fine.

Is there a better/more correct way to get all my clients to the latest Powershell Framework/Agent versions?