Installing Graphite on Debian 9.4

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to install Graphite on Debian 9.4 server. I have already installed Icinga2 version r2.11.2-1 with Icinga Director all working. This server has no access to internet. It uses an internal repository.

But I am hitting a brick in trying to install Graphite. Is there any how to document available here. I was following a how to from here but I have been having problems with the python syncdb command.

Also tried to follow install instruction on the Graphite website, that was too confusing/advanced for me I guess.

Please advise what is the best way to install Graphite in this case for graph visualization.

I also came across Graphite API as I was researching the install procedure. Could that be used instead?

Thank you very much

Maybe this will help you (well, not explicitly for Debian 9.4, but extremely helpful)


Hi Homerjay, thank you for the assist.

Followed through the tutorial, got everything setup correctly or so I thought.

The graph is empty

But the graph appears on the Graphite section of Icinga

Any idea where I went wrong?

Thanks again.

Try CTRL+F5 for refreshing the cache.
If that doesn’t help try setting the character set for the icinga_ido resource to latin1. I still have no idea why that works, but mostly it does.

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As far as I remember, once I had a similar problem when I changed the storage-schemas without adjusting the whisper files which were already present.

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Thanks log1c/homerjay. While I was waiting for the reply I ran through the graphite setup again and that seemed to have fixed that issue.

Now I have about 500 servers to add to this monitoring tool. What would be the easiest way to accomplish this?

Thanks again for your help.

I, personally, am a huge fan of the Icinga Director. With this you can import from various sources.

Check the forums for topics that might help you, and ask for help in a new topic when you encounter problems:

Also, kindly pick a solution to this topic so other can see that the problem is resolved.