Install-icingasecurity on Windows doesn't change user

I’m using the latest windows agent (ver 2.14.2) on windows server 2022 and run the install-icingasecurity to create a user and JEA profile. Up until recently this has worked like a charm but now it seems that creates the user and JEA profile, but will not change the runas user on the services? Anyone that has some input on this issue?

Hi @NiclasE ,
could you provide some information on how you install IfW on a windows system?

I’m using the IcingaForWindows.ps1 (from with specified arguments. then after that I’m using the install-icingasecurity module manually. I haven’t streamlined anything yet so only standard scripts.

Can I maybe use the Set-IcingaServiceUser module afterwards? Will that work?

Nevermind… I reran the IfW ps1 as I also got some error when I tried to use “use-icinga”. Somehow the setup seemed to be messed up the first time… Now It works.