Install Icinga web on satellites

Hello there
as always to thank the good work of the Icinga professionals.

Currently I have a master with several satellites and in all the satellites I have IcingaWeb installed only to see the checks with your own BD in your area, everything works fine but:
Is this good practice?

I am considering making zones with the satellites and possibly IcingaWeb will stop working on the satellites if I do not share the BD

Thank you

Probably my ignorance, but what is BD?

Having 4 (counting master) and soon to be 5 zones, we haven’t run into a use case to need multiple incingaweb instances across the different zones.

Perdon , BD es base de datos

El tener es IcingaWeb en los satelites , es si hay un corte de comunicación, se pueda seguir visualziando las alarmas dentro de la infraestructura donde se encuentra el satelite

I have used IcingaWeb2 on Satellites in situations where:

  • the Master <–> Satellite connectivity is unreliable

  • the Master <–> Satellite connectivity is very slow

  • people want a URL inside their own network for their monitoring system, and
    not something out on the Internet

Specifically, I run a Master for several customers, each with their own
Satellite (and most also with Agents). None of the customers should know
about each other’s systems, so giving them their own view of their own network
on their own (Satellite) server makes them think it’s a nice self-contained

The fact that it’s managed from a higher-level Master is invisible and
immaterial to them.

Regarding the connectivity, users get a better experiencing when interacting
with IcingaWeb2 on their local network than over a slow link, and if the
Master <–> Satellite connectivity is unreliable, they can continue to see all
their monitoring, even when the Master cannot be contacted. Once the link
comes back, all the service check data gets sent up to the Master so it still
ends up with a full history sooner or later.