Install ICinga old agent 2.7 with no access to the master

Hi All,

We have a new ICinga cluster,

One of the nodes is Ubuntu 16.10 which we are unable to upgrade.

The ICinga agent on it is 2.7, this nodes doesn’t have direct access to the master, but have a local satellite.

How can we connect this node to the cluster?

We have tried to place on it the signed CRT + KEY + from the master, but it always request access to the master during the node wizard.

We weren’t able also to use agent setup (probably didn’t use it correctly for this scenario).

How should we set this?

Tnx ahead, Yaniv

Hello Yaniv
Can you elaborate for the reasons why you can’t upgrade just the Icinga installation on the specific node?
The deb packages for the newer versions will work on ubuntu 16.10.
You say you are unsure as to your use of the node wizard, can you show the output of the costants.conf and zones.conf on the node?

What version is the Satellite and the master running ?
if they are more then 2 versions apart you may have an issue.