InfluxDbWriter enable_ha, masters and satellites


Does anyone know if in a cluster/distributed setup, does the influxdb feature need to be set up on all masters and all satellites with enable_ha set to true?

Or is the influxdb feature only required on the masters to process all data to influx?


Before it looked like it was working by all of the satellites would process their results, and the masters would send the data to influx.

But for some reason that stopped working and now it looks like each satellite needs to have the feature enabled and each satellite is responsible for sending the data to influx, is this right?

Hello @danjford!

AFAIK you only have to enable it on the masters. Either on one with enable_ha=false or on both with enable_ha=true.


Thanks @Al2Klimov, I originally had it set up on one master with enable_ha=false but then it stopped sending data to Influx and I could only seem to get it working by setting it up on all satellites and masters as well so I set enable_ha=true.

Any idea what could cause it to change like that?

Ideally the end set up I probably want is it just being on both masters for resiliency with enable_ha=true. Having it on all satellites seems a bit excessive!

No idea, but HA is better anyway.