InfluxdbWriter config - only ITL services are pushed into Influxdb

Hello InfluxdbWriter gurus!

I’ve just configured and enabled the InfluxdbWriter feature in Icinga2. The influxdb.conf file containes the standard service_template settings without any changes:

service_template = {
measurement = “$service.check_command$”
tags = {
hostname = “$$”
service = “$$”

With this config the services included in Generic Template (load, procs, disk, ping4, ping6, etc…) are pushed into influxdb correctly but all other services configured in services.conf are not. What could be the reason? What did I wrong? Please help!


I’d assume your other services does not provide perfdata or they are malformed. The latter is noted in icinga.log. Could you please share an example output when you run one of these check via CLI?

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Hello Roland,

Thanks for the idea! I rechecked and found that the perfdata output of my check_command was misconfigured. After fixing it’s working!