InfluxDB2 and Grafana problems

Hello all,

I am trying to connect Icinga2 with InfluxDB 2 - it seems to work so far. At least I see a metrics of the Linuxfabrik monitoring plugins in the InfluxDB Web UI. Now I’m trying to visualize this data with the Grafana module, but I’m not really getting anywhere. All documentation is written for InfluxDB 1.x, but for InfluxDB 2.x OSS there is not much. Does anyone already have this running or can give me tips on where to find relevant information?

As far as I understood my colleagues right the future of the new query format Flux is not clear, so they recommended sticking with the old one InfluxQL . So for our training environment I created an additional v1 authentication to allow Grafana the access also via InfluxQL. Not sure if this is a solution or just a workaround.