InfluxDB Graphs for IcingaDB


we are testing IcingaDB right now on our Staging Environment.
We also use InfluxDB as PerformanceData Backend + icingaweb2-module-grafana to display graphs right into IcingaWeb2. Obviously its not working with IcingaDB.
Are there any plans to include graphs out of the box in IcingaDB, or do we need a module too?
In that case, I hope mikesch-mp will take care of it or any other volunteer.


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this will still require a dedicated module in Icinga DB Web. Though, the integration will slightly change and is not done yet.

Thanks for the heads up.

Dont get me wrong but it seems like the devolopement of IcingaDB Web is little bit slowed down. The last release is from March and I can not find a roadmap for the full release.

I know we are in tough times, but not hearing anything about it, makes me wonder.
Its hard to tell if the focus is just on another task, or if IcingaDB web is already stalled.

Thanks and regards