Influxdb+grafana + icinga2 + director on debian - not graphing

I am super close here (i think)

i believe the issue is that influxdb is never storing all my data - however i do see mychecks stored when i query data -

i’m just going to throw it out there - today is my bday and im at my wits end, everything works but the graphing - if no one has the time to help via charity - i am looking for a consultant to tie up these pieces, we don’t have a lot of money but i dont think this is more than 1 hour of work if that - like i said very very close –

some people want cake for their bday - i want working graphs , i had nightmares last night about green graphs saying “no data”

note: ive tried with both influxdb v2 and now im trying with 1.8 - i also tried with graphite, couldnt get that working either, but i think i like grafana better, so the goal/desire is influxdb(some version) + grafana

dont mistake the attempt at humor, im a very desperate man - cheers

thanks in advance

bump, just seeing if anyone has any insight