INFLUXDB: delete old data

I noticed recently after moving to ICINGADB tha my DISK SPACE is growing.
Analyzing this, discovered that I have the INFLUXDB storage that keep very old data.

My INFLYXDB have only the “autogen” policy - like this:

And if i run the command “show shards” with influxdb-cli I can see shards from year 2020 !

Is there a way I can setup my influxdb RP in order to keep only 1yr of data for all the metric and hosts ?

Hi there,

ALTER RETENTION POLICY should be what you are looking for:

I have created a new RP of 4M.
In addiction I have also deleted the OLDEST SHARDS in my INFLUXDB

After the deletion of Oldest shards (from 2020 to 2022) the OS free space is increased.
BUT I have noticed that now the new ICINGA CHECKS do not report any historic data. Anymore!

From the GRAFANA graph I can see data until my deletion point in time (shards deletion) and no check results is reported after this date\time .

Example (deletion was on 29.12):

With a new RP you will only have data starting at the time of creation IF you have made it the new default.
To have grafana pull the data from the new RP you have to switch the datasource to your new retention policy in all the graphs.

Altering the existing RP would save you those additional steps.

But as you can see from my last graph… After my “changes” I have no more performance data…
How can I made the latest performance data (and for 4 Months, as expected) visible again?

My RP at the moment is:
THX for any help\suggestions.