Increase check execution time


I couldn’t find this info anywhere.

I think my problem is that the check execution time is capped at 60s and would like to increase it.
Is there a way to increase the check execution time?

I’ve increased the timeout for check_snmp_storage, and this is working fine when I execute it from the cli.
However, in the Icinga GUI I can see the checks timing out and that the check execution time is always 60 seconds whereas the check itself can take up to 1.28 seconds.

When checking with icinga2 objeclt list -n for the service or the host I can see the timeout is set to 90.

I’ve tried using check execution macro but it didn’t help. In the docs it says it’s for accessing attributes and custom variables so I’m not sure this is the way.

I’m running Icinga2 2.10 distributed monitoring with 2 master servers and 4 satellites.


It depends on which level you want to change Icinga 2’s timeout:

Best way is to increase this value a little bit more then the timeout of the plugin, so if it hits the timeout the plugin can stop gracefully instead of being killed by Icinga 2.

But a check execution of over a minute is not good at all! Remember to also have a higher check_interval and especially retry_interval for this service if you can not bring the execution time down to a better value.