Incorrect execution of the checks "CheckProcessCount" & "IcingaCheckProcessCount"

Hello all,

I have problems with some checks on Icinga for Windows.
The checks “invoke_IcingaCheckProcessCount” & “invoke_IcingaCheckProcessCount” do not return any data or return data with a long delay (see picture).

Sometimes it takes hours until the checks return a return value. So it must work in principle.
The plugins return the following error: “Icinga Invalid Input Error was thrown: CimClassNameUnknown: Win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfProc_Process
The provided class name you try to fetch with Get-CimInstance is not known on this system.”
What do I have to do so that the checks are executed cleanly?

framework 1.9.2
agent 2.13.3
plugins 1.9.0
service 1.2.0