Inconsistent Data from AWS Import with Director


I am trying to organize my AWS EC2 instances in Icinga using custom tags on the AWS instance.
I am successfully connected to my AWS regions and the EC2 instances are importing.
I have a job set to sync every two minutes
The issue I am having is the custom variables are not importing or the status of them isn’t updating.

Below are the relevant sections. Advice and guidance are appreciated!

Import Source Config

Sync Rule Properties

Sync Rule Modifiers

Job Config

Import Source Preview
Fields are showing

Host Report
Some fields missing
Status is incorrect

Another Host Report
Same import job, this host has the missing field

Any suggestions, ideas or pointers would be great!
If there is any config section I’ve missed to show, let me know.

Solution is covered in this post: AWS Module Issue - #2 by mlevesque1975