Incinga2 Process Monitoring

I would like to monitor my java proc on serveral Servers, but Icinga shows allways green.
The ammount of java procs are shown on the GUI but it also if there is now java proc everything looks fine ???
Here are my service file:

apply Service “FrontApp” {
import “generic-service”

check_command = “procs”
vars.procs_command = “java”

assign where (host.vars.host_group == “ep-prod-front” || host.vars.host_group == “ep-staging-front” || host.vars.host_group == “ep-dev-front”)

And the HOST entry

object Host “devfront1.xxxxxx” {
import “generic-host”
address = “xxx”
check_command = “hostalive”
vars.stage = “ep-develop”
vars.host_group = “ep-dev-front”
vars.nginx_status[“nginx_status”] = {
nginx_status_servername = “$hostname$”
vars.load[“load”] = {}
vars.notification[“mail”] = {
groups = [ “icingaadmins” ]

Would be great if someone can give me a hint.


I don’t know how your “procs” check command looks like but you probably missed to set the right thresholds for your service.


I’d assume that you want to run these checks on the remote agent. As such, you need to install Icinga 2 over there and connect it, e.g. via command endpoint checks.


The proc check is the default proc check from icinga2. But yes I think there is the threshold missing. But how can I set the threshold?

Hm think I have to install only the nrpe agent on the remote machine, not icinga2 it self.

NRPE is something we highly discourage for security reasons. The preferred way is using the Icinga 2 agent/client.

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