Improving the docs

In order to contribute to the Icinga Docs you are going to to submit a Pull Request on GitHub.

Here’s a little help on how to do that:

The workflow on GitHub is, that you make a “fork” (that’s like a clone of the repository on your account) and then you can create the pull request from there.

When you look at a project, you can usually just select a file over the GUI and use the web editor to make changes. This automatically generates you a fork if you don’t have write access. And from there you can also submit the Pull Request.

You can also have a look at GitHubs forking workflow guide.
When you got the process down, you’ve got your first steps done to contributing more to open source projects! :slight_smile:

How to contribute to the Icinga documentation on GitHub is described in the Contributing Documentation Guide on GitHub.

Thank you!