Importing from data sources with no template specified

Hi all.

I’ve created a data import source (and sync) which transfers addresses, names and notes from PHPIPAM.

Until this most recent version of director you could import hosts with an empty ‘import’ or ‘template’ field.
Icinga Director would fail to deploy, but you could fix the problem by adding one or more host templates, then redeploy.

I’ve submitted a big report ( but can anyone think of a way to get around it in the meantime (assuming it’s something that can be fixed)?

Ideally I would set the template to a placeholder value ‘Other Device’ and then update it in the UI. I can do this, but then it gets overwritten each time by the next import/sync run.
I can’t see a way to merge the values for ‘Inheritance (import)’ - only overwrite them.

I’d be really grateful for any advice.

For reference, @tgelf kindly fixed this:


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