Importing different types of VMs from DB

I have a PuppetDB with multiple hosts declared, some of which are VMware VMs but some others are cloud VMs. When setting up the sync rule I add a property which writes ${facts.ipaddress} to the “address” field. Now, the cloud VMs fail because their correct IP(v4) address is not saved in ${facts.ipaddress} but instead in ${facts.ec2_metadata.public_ipv4}. So I thought I could simply add a second property right below the first one and then the cloud VMs should automatically overwrite the address field with the wanted ip-address. This seems to be wrong because after adding the second property I am told that the sync rule is already in sync and nothing would change. What am I doing wrong?
Would you suggest me to “filter” my wanted parameters already at the import level or when setting up the sync rule?

Except for the address-field(s), what general variables would you suggest me to set at import resp. sync level?

I think the question regarding my problem may be simplified:

I have a sync rule which I deployed once. Now, after adding some more properties, icinga reports that the sync rule is already in sync - thus not adding my properties. I tried removing all imported hosts from icinga without success. I even added a filter “host=*” but still no success. How can I get my sync rule to “extend” for futher properties once deployed?