Import hosts, services, contacts and notification rules to new Icinga

Hello all,

I have a new and working instance of Icinga (2.9.5) with director (1.10.2) on Oracle Linux 8.8.
I used the configuration baskets to import configurations and templates with ease from the old Icinga.
Both of the servers, old and new. are single masters with no satellites.

After confirming that all my custom checks are working on the new Icinga, I now want to import all hosts, services, contacts and notification rules but I’ve found out that it’s not as easy as a configuration basket.

Methods I’ve tried to import:

  • I’ve tried to use FileShipper (1.2.0) to import a json file exported from the old server, but the configured directory in imports.ini file is being ignored and I can’t continue with creating the resource.

  • I am trying to add the old Icinga server as a data resource but I’m not sure about the password and also, I get an error that the new host is not allowed to access MariaDB.
    I am not sure as to how to configure the sync rules once I’ll have the data resource configured.

IT guy